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1. Technical Support:

Since 1988, JIELONG has been established to manufacture rolling door motors. With the support of so many years accumulated experience in roller shutter motors, JIELONG has formed a very professional technical team to supply our customers with various customized door system’s solution.

With the advanced production technology and diverse testing machinery, JIELONG shutter motors’ quality are very famous in this field.

2. Quality & Warranty Support:

Compared with counterparts's repair rate: Jielong 0.2%~0.3%; others about 1%~4%.

Generally in mainland of China many motor factories offer 1 year’s warranty but JIELONG offers 2 years.

3. After-Sale Service Support:

During warranty, once rolling shutter motors and related accessories have problems caused by unartificial factors. We will freely offer necessary motors and spare parts to make up for that.

4. Certificate Support:

With certificates of CE, CCC, ISO, SASO, INMETRO etc, partners can be free of worrying about certificates’ problems.

5. Long-term Partnership Preferential Support:

From the second year, there are many preferential supports such as free motors for our partners. The loner we have cooperated, the bigger benefits we will share with our partners.


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